Spring 2006: Issue 79

A. Van Jordan


Albert Einstein to Mileva Maric


Your eyes hold enough lies

Day-to-day walking through the market,

A woman walking freely without

The sleight of hand of my skin, this peccadillo.


What rests inside me will rise

Out my mouth to kiss you, to kiss

My confession into you each day, Mileva.

Will the truth offer you some freedom


Or will I simply invite you to sit in my prison?

Wouldn’t life play better if you visited me

In this cell, conjugal visits in which we pretend

We’re free? I’ll ask for you to come to me,


And I’ll tell you to leave me, eternally

Coming and going like the rain. I told you

Only that I’m a man, only through how I hold you,

How I look in your eyes, like stars announce


They’re stars by the dance and death of their light.

But you look sad as if you know now

What you must not know.