Spring 2020 107

The Greensboro Review, Issue 107, Spring 2020


Editor: Terry L. Kennedy

Associate Editor: Jessie Van Rheenen

Managing Editor: Robin Hendricks

Fiction Editor: Evan Fackler | Poetry Editor: Julia Edwards

Assoc. Fiction Editor: Patricia Patterson | Assoc. Poetry Editor: Matthew Valades

Editorial Assistant: Cortney Esco | Editorial Intern: Kirby Knowlton

Editorial Board: Xhenet Aliu, Stuart Dischell, Julie Funderburk

Holly Goddard Jones, Craig Nova, Emilia Phillips

Consulting Senior Editors: Fred Chappell, Lee Zacharias

Editor's Note

  • Joyful Work,


  • The Daisy Notebook,
  • The Fair,
  • War Rugs,
  • Holdouts,
  • Dixie Whistle,


  • from When the Sky is Full of Desire, the Gods are Close,
  • Sertraline,
  • Let It Simply Be So,
  • Crocuses,
  • Sebastian, Martyred Twice,
  • Lygrophobia,
  • The Hawk and His Prey,
  • What Isn’t Water Is Carbon,
  • A Slow Poem,