Fall 2020 108

The Greensboro Review, Issue 108, Fall 2020


Editor: Terry L. Kennedy

Associate Editor: Jessie Van Rheenen

Managing Editor: Robin Hendricks

Fiction Editor: Patricia Patterson | Poetry Editor: Matthew Valades

Assoc. Fiction Editor: Evan Fackler | Assoc. Poetry Editor: Julia Edwards

Editorial Assistant: Cortney Esco | Editorial Interns: Claire Denson, Michael Springer, Chris Swensen

Editorial Board: Xhenet Aliu, Stuart Dischell, Julie Funderburk

Holly Goddard Jones, Craig Nova, Emilia Phillips

Consulting Senior Editors: Fred Chappell, Lee Zacharias

Editor's Note

  • Abundance,



  • Auld Lang Syne,
  • Earthbound,
  • Voicemail From My Mother,
  • The Self-Improvement Spiritual,
  • Coffin Bell,
  • The Watching Brief,
  • Sounding,
  • Vending Machine Sutra,
  • Turning 45,
  • Blood in the Air,
  • Calan Gaeaf,
  • An Imperfect Figure,
  • The Busted Maraca,
  • The Dream Begins with a Dissappointing Menu,
  • Autumn Wind, After the Funeral,
  • Between,