Fall 2019 106

The Greensboro Review, Issue 106, Fall 2019


Editor: Terry L. Kennedy

Associate Editor: Jessie Van Rheenen | Assistant Editor: Emily Cinquemani

Managing Editor: Emily Morris

Fiction Editor: Richard Moriarty | Poetry Editor: Jabar Boykin

Assoc. Fiction Editor: Rose Himber Howse | Assoc. Poetry Editor: Michael Pittard

Digital Editorial Assistant: Shuvam Kabir | Editorial Interns: Tegan Daly, Julia Edwards, Evan Fackler, Bridget Fieler, Robin Hendricks, Matthew Valades

Editorial Board: Stuart Dischell, Julie Funderburk,

Holly Goddard Jones, Craig Nova, Michael Parker, Emilia Phillips

Consulting Senior Editors: Fred Chappell, Lee Zacharias

Editor's Note

  • Artifacts,


  • The Big Country,
  • Never Through Miami,
  • Bark,
  • New Work in New China,


  • On Seeing a Bee Drink His Nectar,
  • Callinectes Sapidus,
  • Arizona, 2018,
  • Cover Letter for the Afterlife,
  • Lines for John Berryman on the Bus from Little Mogadishu,
  • Visitation,
  • A Sort of Art,
  • Grasses,
  • Travel Ban,
  • Phenomenology of Wolves,
  • Mast Year,
  • Caul-Born,
  • No One Can Tell the Bones of the Dead from the Bones of the Living,
  • The Pirate Anne Bonny Goes Through her Lover's Pockets,
  • Animals in Captivity,
  • Grief Cento,