Fall 2008 84


Editor: Jim Clark

Associate Editors: Terry Kennedy, Allison Seay

Fiction Editor: Stephanie Whetstone | Poetry Editor: Andrew Saulters

Associate Fiction Editor: Kathryn Schreyer

Associate Poetry Editor: Lauren Moseley

Editorial Board: Stuart Dischell, Julie Funderburk, Jennifer Grotz, Craig Nova, Michael Parker, David Roderick, Lee Zacharias

Consulting Senior Editor: Fred Chappell


  • It Takes a Fish,
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street, Part IX: Freddy vs. the Madsen Brothers,
  • Let It All Come at Once,
  • The Chimney,
  • The Favorite Dance of Captain Dagger,
  • Lyon, Lyon,
  • To Keep Ahead of the Spring,
  • The Bigamist’s Accomplice,


  • Arriving,
  • Walking at Night,
  • Termination of Interview,
  • Dream Skeleton,
  • Detour Ahead,
  • Hanged Man at Bear Creek,
  • Solitude, 1944,
  • Big Moon over the Neighborhood,
  • Zeus Looks Out from His Porch,
  • Pleasure Hotel,
  • Eve | The Snow House,
  • Hourglass Made of the Hour Before,
  • September,