Spring 2015 97


Editor: Jim Clark

Associate Editor: Terry L. Kennedy

Fiction Editor: Jim Minick | Poetry Editor: Cory Mac Pherson

Assoc. Fiction Editor: Catherine Clifton | Assoc. Poetry Editor: Mackenzie Connellee

Editorial Assistant: Luke Huffman

Editorial Board: Stuart Dischell, Julie Funderburk, Holly Goddard Jones, Craig Nova, Michael Parker, David Roderick

Consulting Senior Editors: Fred Chappell, Lee Zacharias


  • Transportation,
  • The Departed,
  • Mix Tape,
  • Delta Foxtrot,
  • Hippospongia,
  • Pinched Magnolias,


  • As Can Happen with an Island,
  • Snow Cover,
  • When You Say You Lived in a Trailer,
  • Self-Portrait as Apollo and Dionysus,
  • Entanglement Sonnet,
  • The Long Dead,
  • Growing Up,
  • Hawk on a Mile Marker,
  • The Good Wife,
  • Safety Mechanism,
  • Florida Epithalamium,
  • To Loan,
  • Story That Begins and Ends with Burning,
  • Of Sweat and Distance,
  • Reading Catullus after a First Date,
  • Meaning in Other Words,
  • Aubade,