Spring 2006 79


Editor: Jim Clark

Assistant Editors: Terry Kennedy, Allison Seay

Fiction Editor: Elizabeth Lassiter | Poetry Editor: Ryland Bowman

Assistant Fiction Editors: Rachael Mann, Erin Poythress

Editorial Board: Stuart Dischell, Julie Funderburk, Craig Nova, Michael Parker, Lee Zacharias

Consulting Senior Editor: Fred Chappell


  • Bonham Ferry Road,
  • Real Metal,
  • Bloodwood,
  • That Old Thing with Feathers,
  • Pinch,
  • The Quiet Game,
  • Danseuses Nues,
  • Are You Now?,


  • The Sweeper,
  • Not That Happiness,
  • Fear of Wonder,
  • Without a Net,
  • Why I Don’t Bring It Up Anymore,
  • Minor Rock Star Confessions,
  • From Hampton to Brooklyn,
  • Response to the Rain,
  • In a Village, There Is a Language—Nu Shu,
  • Fidelity,
  • To a Thread-Waisted Sphecid Wasp in Enola, PA,
  • A Story about the Body,
  • Delineation of Light and Water,
  • Truth,
  • Black Light,
  • Men of Water,
  • Alley In Winter,