Fall 2007 82


Editor: Jim Clark

Associate Editors: Terry Kennedy, Allison Seay

Fiction Editor: Monica Merenda | Poetry Editor: Sarah Rose Exoo

Associate Fiction Editor: Matt Fiander | Associate Poetry Editor: Tony Aarts

Assistant Fiction Editor: Kirsten Oliphant

Editorial Board: Stuart Dischell, Julie Funderburk, Jennifer Grotz, Craig Nova, Michael Parker, Lee Zacharias

Consulting Senior Editor: Fred Chappell


  • Dan Buck,
  • The Phantom Cyclist,
  • The Cocktail Party,
  • Leave It Lie,
  • Menthol and Smoke,
  • Anthropology,
  • The Fall of Rome,


  • Circus Memory | Earliest Known Record of a Carousel Device,
  • October | Collision,
  • Post Trauma,
  • Denial,
  • The Missouri | My Father’s Trick,
  • And the Ox Will Prove Itself Graceful,
  • A Few Reasons Why,
  • Sisters,
  • Sleepwalker (An Eclipse),
  • Garden-Shovel Incident | Spaghetti Western,
  • Ties,