Fall 2016 100

The Greensboro Review, Issue 100, Fall 2016


Editor: Jim Clark

Associate Editor: Terry L. Kennedy

Fiction Editor: Ross Garrison | Poetry Editor: Caitlin McCann

Assoc. Fiction Editor: Jessie Van Rheenen | Assoc. Poetry Editor: Sean Whiteford

Editorial Assistants: Mackenzie Campbell, Grace Gardiner

Editorial Board: Stuart Dischell, Holly Goddard Jones, Craig Nova, Michael Parker

Consulting Senior Editors: Fred Chappell, Lee Zacharias

Editor's Note


  • Transplant,
  • You Are Not My Mother, Missy Gallagher,
  • Broken Leather,
  • The Beautiful Rump Nut of Praslin Island,
  • Vic’s Grocery Store,
  • Birmingham House,
  • Last Waltz,


  • Origins,
  • Is a Temple,
  • Weeknight,
  • Bells Which Will Not Ring,
  • Latchkey ,
  • Summer Vacation ,
  • Some Distance,
  • Evening Falls,
  • Mae West Instructs How Not To Love,
  • I Shattered My Knees Believing,
  • Nothing Wrong With a Little Fun,
  • Uno,
  • Standard Course of Study,
  • Road’s Tattoo,
  • WTR,
  • We Buried a Gecko at Three a.m., After Drinking Too Much White Rum,
  • Improvisation on Candy Cane Stilts,
  • Of Air and Earth,
  • Silencer,
  • This Be the Oyster ,
  • Women Writers Visit The Cave of the Mounds in Wisconsin,